Health and Wellness

Eat before going to bed

What to eat before going to bed

For ensuring a healthy living habit, it is advised by the experts…

Routine check up, important or unnecessary?

We, especially the males do routine check up from our own initiative…

How much water you need to drink a day

We know that the another name of water is life as water contains…

Heart attack can appear at young age!

Now a days it is seen that people aged between 30 and 40 are…

Weight Loss

Lose your weight by simple movements

We burn a little  calorie even at the time of taking rest. This…
fruits for weight

Eat plenty of fruits , gain weight no!

Yes, it is an amazing news for you if you are a fruits lover…

Fat Loss

Natural fat burners

People  seems to go for food supplements to get rid of fat because…

Fitness and Exercise

All components of physical fitness you should know

Physical fitness includes five health related and six skill  related…

What is emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness defines our self belief that keeps  us emotionally…

What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness is a sense of psychological wellness. Mental fitness…

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness refers to the ability of our body system to…